We are a family of proven experts from different fields, whose main daily concern is excellence for our clients. Already in individual and joint previous work experiences, this approach has shown positive outcomes for our clients as well as for our business and the development of individual careers. We decided to create new value for our clients together.


We are an innovative BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, specializing in billing and receivables management services. We offer a wide range of services individually tailored to each client and their industry.



Our vision is to be a leading, 100% domestic BiH company, specializing in billing and receivables management services, and increasing sales volumes and satisfaction of all parties in the process, which leads to the development and financial progress of our clients.


Our mission is to optimize the flow of our clients' money by ensuring efficient billing and sales volumes, client satisfaction, improving payment discipline with a focus on making today's debtor a regular client tomorrow.