We are an innovative BPO (Business process outsourcing) company that offers a wide range of services, including billing and receivables management services, as well as direct sales services through call center, consulting and representation, in order to strongly guide the progress and development of our clients' companies.

Our strength is your capital!
We are a family of proven experts from various fields whose main daily concern is excellence for our clients. Already in individual and shared previous work experiences, this approach has shown positive outcomes for our clients as well as for our business and individual career development. We decided together to create value for our clients.

Our vision is to be a leading innovative provider of a wide range of services, billing and receivables management services, and to increase sales volumes and satisfaction, which strongly develop and guide the financial progress of our clients.

Our mission is to optimize the flow of our clients' money by ensuring sales volumes, customer satisfaction, collection of receivables, improving payment discipline by focusing on today's debtor being a regular customer tomorrow, and providing excellence in taking over the business process.

We specialize in B2C and B2B fields of receivables management and collection, as well as direct sales, consulting and representation in several markets, with many years of international experience in banking, finance, telecommunications and other sectors, combining the two most important elements of good business, sales and collection. We are continuously working on developing specialized services and penetrating new markets, providing increasingly comprehensive services to our valuable clients.


Our clients: