Consulting, Sales & Representation

In addition to our core business, i.e. collection and management of receivables, we also specialize in consulting, representing and selling products of companies from various fields.

The customer is king

When selling products, a seller who does not have this in mind will hardly achieve a successful job and mutual satisfaction. Sometimes it seems that the customer is still a bit of a tired adventurer in search of treasure, for the right product and service.


Many years of experience in the sale of financial and telecommunication services of the company's founder and management, Capital Force transfers to employees and clients. Through the services of consulting, representation and direct sales via outbound / inbound call centers, or direct representation on the domestic and regional market, we offer clients a successful increase in sales volumes through strategically oriented sales campaigns.

It is a service that enables companies to focus on their core business, while organizing part or all of the sales as an external service. It is especially interesting for those companies that have a large number of potential customers, and those that introduce new products to the market, organize occasional marketing actions/campaigns and expand the customer base. With externalization, sales cease to be a fixed cost in business and become largely a variable cost, i.e. you pay for the service as much as you use it. New employees always bring new ideas and new experiences, and a little competition from the outside is also useful to shake up the sleepy "in house" team.