Debt Collection


When collecting claims, we encountered the following types of claims:

Small loans (up to 10,000 KM)

Medium and large loans (up to 100,000 KM)

Consumer loans

Unauthorized use of funds

Mortgage loans and realization of lien

Corporate loans


Credit cards



Claims arising from regular commercial contact




Telephone communication

Written warning

Legal action




Skip Tracing


With the slowdown of the global economy in the last few years, there has been a deterioration in the payment discipline of both larger and smaller companies.

Technological progress has created new possibilities and more efficient methods of debt collection. Possibilities for managing and collecting receivables are divided into five main phases, which can be combined to a certain extent depending on the client's requirements and needs, as well as the nature of the requirements and the nature of cooperation.

Every collection process is preceded by an analysis of receivables based on which a plan and matrix of the receivables collection process is created individually and uniquely for each process. The result is a specific series of steps or strategies that make up the debt collection process. We have comprehensive know-how in the area of receivables management.

The debtor returns to you as a satisfied client. In order to keep the client with you, there is our sales department with the aim of returning existing clients with the offer of certain "benefits" when collecting claims or purchasing a new product/service, all in accordance with the client's individual needs.

Our priority is to get your money quickly while maintaining a good relationship with your clients. Where possible, we arrange repayment plans that take into account the financial situation of the user.


We notify the debtor by phone or through other channels: SMS, Viber, Whatsapp, E-Mail. These actions are carried out from our call center, using individually adapted internal, own software/application. We use these tools in early billing and it is the most efficient part of the billing phases.

We contact the debtor by mail. The psychological aspect of a third party's involvement in the collection process is most effective by sending warning letters, calls for payment. The percentage of response to the same is very high.



When we have exhausted all possible collection techniques and strategies in out-of-court processes, we take legal action in agreement with the Client.

SKIP TRACING - Service for researching new contact details of debtors inside and outside Bosnia and Herzegovina (cross-border skip and debt collection).

We are aware of the trend of emigration of citizens of BiH to EU countries and beyond, and the creation of claims against them from legal entities in BiH. In order to efficiently collect from debtors located outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have developed a special service for researching new contact information for such debtors, and collecting claims from them.