FAQ – Frequent questions

1. Why outsource debt collection?

If you leave debt collection to us, you can focus on your core business. You will be confident knowing how the experts take care of your claims.

Our expertise, knowledge, and processes are perfected to quickly collect a large number of debts so that you can benefit from greater liquidity for investments that will increase your business or even protect you from the inability to pay.

We follow debtors who are not solvent at the moment, but that may not be the case in the future. Therefore, as soon as they become solvent, you will receive money that you have already given up.

2. Will working with an external specialized debt collection company damage my reputation?

In most cases, working with an external debt collection company has a positive effect on your public image. Investors, suppliers, and customers will know how to take billing seriously and use the services of a professional partner to improve liquidity.

We at Capital Force work consistently and with understanding, always looking for friendly solutions taking into account how the debtor is also your client. We know how important a relationship is with him and we do everything we can to protect him.

3. How does Capital Force collect debts?

Our priority is to quickly obtain your money while maintaining a good relationship with your customers. Where possible, we arrange repayment plans that take into account the financial situation of the beneficiary. The billing process consists of three phases:

1. Written warning - We first contact the debtor by mail. People usually take letters they receive from debt collection companies seriously, so the response rate is high.

2. Telephone reminder - If the first step did not result in payment, we warn the user by phone or through other channels, such as SMS / Viber / Whatsapp messages. At this stage, we collect the most debts.

3. Legal action - If nothing else succeeds, we will evaluate and, in agreement with you, take any legal action. Based on our extensive experience and knowledge, we will be able to advise you on whether such a legal action has a chance of success or not.

The procedure to be applied depends on each individual case. If appropriate, we can adjust the above stages to best suit the particular case.

4. Why wouldn't I sue the debtors right away?

Litigation is expensive and you can wait a long time for a court ruling. We always try to resolve disputes out of court first, and we only go to court if we fail to do so. This not only saves money but usually charges quickly and maintains good customer relationships. However, in individual cases, we also use certain activities in the out-of-court collection by our partner law firms.

5. Why do specialized debt collection companies have a better collection rate than internal credit and collection departments?

Specialized companies are usually more successful because billing is their core business because we have the necessary knowledge, time, staff, and technology. In most small and medium-sized companies, accountants or sales agents are in charge of debt collection. This additional task increases employee jobs and is low on their priority list. The result can be a low level of collection or even an increase in the amount of hard-to-collect receivables. That is why we advise you to hire a debt collection agency. Let your employees concentrate on your core business.

6. How much do your services cost?

We work on the basis of a "Success fee", without initial costs, which means that if there is no collection, there is no fee. In general, the cost of services is based on a percentage of the amount actually charged. The commission depends on the amount of debt to be collected, the overdue payment of the remaining debt, available contact information, etc. Contact us and we will be happy to talk to you, analyze your portfolio and submit a price offer for our services.